Southern Minnesota Regional Trauma Advisory Committee


3Echo Training: Hostile Event Response

Saving Lives through a Coordinated Response to a Hostile Event - Training and Exercise


The first thirty minutes can be a critical time to evacuate the injured and save lives.  Using the most advanced techniques in medical, tactical and rapid incident management, this 1-1/2 day training will give participants the practical skills needed to respond to hostile events including post blast and active shooter incidents.  View the flyers below for details of your choice of dates and locations.



Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) is a 2 day course offered through the American College of Surgeons to provide its participants with a safe and reliable method for the immediate treatment of injured patients and basic knowledge of assessment, resuscitation and stabilization, recognition and arrangement of patient necessitating transfer to tertiary care center.



Advanced Trauma care for Nurses (ATCN) is a 2 day course offered through the Society of Trauma Nurses Association.  ATCN is an advanced course designed for the registered nurse interested in increasing his/her knowledge in management of the mutiple trauma patient. ATCN is taught concurrently with ATLS



Trauma Nursing Core Course is a 2 day course offered through the Emergency Nurses Association.  TNCC is designed to provide core level trauma knoweldge and psychomotor skills associated with the delivery of professional nursing care tot he trauma patient.




For more information for upcoming course information, please contact Deb Horsman, Trauma Outreach Coordinator, 507-255-1844